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Blomberg Appliance Repair Services

Blomberg Appliance is a German-based manufacturer of home and kitchen appliances that has been in business since 1883. Founded by Ferdinand Blomberg, the company has a long tradition of crafting reliable products with innovative technologies and modern design sensibilities.

A leader in their field, Blomberg was one of the first manufacturers to introduce built-in refrigeration units and dishwashers for residential use. Over the years they have expanded their product offerings to include washing machines, ovens, stoves, microwaves, air conditioners and other major appliance categories.

Today, Blomberg continues to provide customers with quality products that combine state-of-the-art features with stylish designs.

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Appliance Repair Blomberg

Blomberg builds products with a higher standard: crafted for extreme quality, easy operation and long-term reliability. Each product is designed to make life enjoyable – making it easier by continuously innovating and evolving over time.

Let Express Repair Florida take away the stress of Blomberg appliance repair. Our experienced team has decades of experience with all types and models, so you can trust us to provide superior results – no matter your appliance’s age or model.

Express Repair Florida is your go-to for Blomberg appliance repair – our insured technicians are here any time between 7 am and 10 pm to ensure customer satisfaction. With us, you’ll get dependable service no matter the brand or problem with your appliances.

Easily make an appointment via our user-friendly online booking form. If you are experiencing difficulty with your Blomberg appliances, give us a call at (613) 454-5355 and we’ll be happy to help.

With Blomberg, be sure to find the fridge of your dreams—regardless of size or budget! Our range spans from compact convenience to lavish luxury. Plus, no need for worry if any complications arise – our amazing repair team is just a call away and ready to help out in an instant!

We prioritize outstanding service, so when it comes to Blomberg fridge repairs we aim for success in one visit. Our technicians come prepared with all the tools needed to complete fixes onsite!

Our skilled technicians are on stand by to fix your Blomberg fridge the same day you call. We strive for a fast, reliable, and high-quality fridge repair experience!

Blomberg Fridge Repair

Stove Repair Blomberg

Blomberg stoves deliver a striking combination of beauty and function to any kitchen! Their sleek design is evidence that each stove was crafted with precision, so you can enjoy the simple pleasure of cooking with ease.

We provide top-notch stove repair service for your Blomberg stove, and we know it matters to you. Our experienced technicians work quickly so that you can have a stress-free experience – contact us now!

After a tiring day, treat yourself to the ultimate luxury: let your Blomberg dishwasher take care of it all. Kick back and relax – that’s what freedom feels like!

Blomberg dishwasher problems can be a thing of the past! Express Appliance Repair is here to fix dishwashers for you – 100% satisfaction guaranteed and quick response time ensures your issue will soon be fixed.

Dishwasher Repair Blomberg

Washer Repair Blomberg

When you need it most, your Blomberg washer is always there – ready to work hard to get the job done! If something isn’t quite right with it, our professionals have got you covered. Get in touch and let us take care of repairs so that laundry day can be a breeze once more.

No more worrying over laundry day – let us take care of it! Our same-day Blomberg washer repair service promises swift relief and a fully functioning appliance so you can put those hand washing days behind you.

Your wardrobe will always be immaculate with Express Appliance Repair! Our pro technicians effortlessly ensure that your Blomberg dryer runs smoothly, so goodbye to those pesky mud stains and damp towels. Count on us for service you can trust!

Get quick help for your Blomberg dryer. Our dryer repair specialists provide 24/7 support, so you can rest assured that any appliance issues will be taken care of quickly. Get back on track – contact us now!

Dryer Repair Blomberg

Oven Repair Blomberg

Cook up amazing creations with the Blomberg oven. Satisfy your cravings with perfectly prepared meals – effortless! If it’s not functioning as it should, don’t risk using it. Get professional diagnosis and oven repair to be safe.

Don’t let your Blomberg appliances suffer! Our expert technicians have the right tools and parts to ensure a quick return of service- so you can get back to using it in no time.

Common Blomberg Error Codes

Range / Stove / Oven Fault Codes

Failure Code # Description of Fault Code Solution for Fault Code
01 A fault with water inlet – the machine won’t fill
  • Verify the water supply is on for the washing machine
  • Verify that the fill hose is not twisted
  • Examine the input valve’s filter
  • Verify the water inlet in the valve
02 Draining error – the machine won’t drain
  • Check the drain pump’s filter
  • Check for obstructions in the drain pump
  • Check for obstructions in the outlet hose
  • Check the drain pump’s functionality
  • Examine the drain pump’s wiring
03 Error with heating – the machine won’t heat water
  • Examine the thermostats and the heating wire
  • Examine washing machine’s wash heater
  • Examine the thermostats
04 Motor triac has been shorted
  • Check the motor connector block
  • Check wiring for the machine
  • Check the machine’s electronic interface
05 Error detected with Temperature NTC
  • Check the temperature sensor’s wiring
  • Check the temperature of the sensor
06 A fault with the Motor tacho
  • Inspect the block for the motor connector
  • Inspect machine’s wiring
  • Verify the brushes for carbon buildup in the motor
  • View the connections
  • Check machine’s motor
07 Error with the door latching or the lock
  • Verify that the door is shut
  • Check the latch on the door
  • Check wiring for the door
  • Inspect the lock for the door
09 A fault with the program selector
  • Check the connector for the program selector
  • Examine the wiring
  • Inspect the machine’s electronic control
10 Overfill issue – the machine has too much water in it
  • Check the level sensor connector block
  • Check the wiring wiring
  • Inspect the machine’s electronic controller
11 Heating error – the machine won’t heat the water
  • Inspect the thermostat and wash heater wiring
  • Examine the machine’s wash heater
  • Check the machine’s thermostat
12 A fault with the door latch
  • Look if the door is closed
  • Inspect the connector block from the door lock
  • Check the wiring
13 Error with the spin speed
  • Examine the drive belt
  • Examine the block for the motor connector
  • Inspect the machine’s wiring
  • Check brushes for the motor carbon
  • Check the tacho connections
  • Examine the motor
18 The mains frequency or the voltage is not correct
  • Examine the supply for the mains electricity

Disclaimer: please make sure to unplug your appliance if you feel that it is malfunctioning. Consult with an Express Repair professional to prevent any further damage to your appliance.

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