Express Repair Florida Warranty

You can book time for us to perform a warranty check-up by filling out this form. Upon filling out the form, an Express Repair Florida representative will contact you to book an appointment that is at your earliest convenience.

The form must be filled out (with all sections filled out) and emailed to [email protected] in order for the warranty repair to be booked.

Rules and Guidelines for our Warranty Check-Up

Please take the time to go over the rules and guidelines for a warranty check-up with Express Repair Florida:

  • The warranty does not apply to any other parts on the replaced by Express Repair
  • The warranty does not apply after it has expired
  • The warranty does not cover clogs of any kind
  • The warranty will not take effect in a case of wrong usage, and/or any damage that was caused directly or indirectly by the user
  • The warranty will not take effect if any foreign objects enter the pumps, motors, or any other mechanical parts in the appliance
  • The warranty will not apply if you encounter the same problem again for which a replacement part will need to be purchased.
  • To minimize the cost of the repair, we will always try to fix your appliance without the use of replacement parts.

If you have any further inquiries about our warranty policies, please contact us at: